Preferable Atmosphere for the Watching Good Shows

Streaming, which allows you to play a video continuously without having to download it, is very popular on the internet. This is one of the safest ways to watch movies, series or listen to music for free, at least in appearance.

Happy move

The word streaming comes from the English “stream” (stream). This is a method for streaming a video as it is loaded. This technique has gained a lot of ground on the internet in recent years. Just type “streaming” in Google to realize its magnitude: more than 726 million results in less than a second. As we watch shows online you will be able to have the best deal now.

Streaming: the questions you never dared to ask

Video platforms like 123movies provide free streaming. That is to say that the user can view the various videos posted on the site without paying a dime. A priori, they respect the copyright and, if not, they are removed by the host (123movies in particular) who runs risks if it does not. Legal streaming can also pay off, which give access to an online catalog of films recently released in cinemas, but whose viewing can only be done for a few euros. It takes between 7 and 10 € the subscription on PC or TV. On the contrary, many sites like 123movies practice illegal streaming. The latter offers content without the agreement of the authors, which constitutes an offence.

What are the risks?

The risks incurred by the user are important. What does the law say about this? Whoever uploads a protected work in full knowledge of the facts is criminally responsible and can be prosecuted. He faces a three-year prison sentence and a fine of $ 300,000. The host (123movies) is held liable only to the extent that it has been previously notified and has not deleted the illegal content. The user who views a movie in streaming can thus be considered as a repository. Indeed, during the streaming watch, the streams are temporarily stored on his computer, so he has a protected work resulting from a crime of forgery. The line of uncertainty lies in the ability of this user to have acted knowingly. Just shake this red cloth to understand why streaming is still a widespread practice.

Hesitating the surfer on the platform to adopt: on one he can see such a series but on the other such other series that he wants to follow which would require taking two subscriptions. Since 2012 and the closing of upload, as well as many other sites thereafter, the fight against illegal streaming is intensifying.