Learn about the free tour of Stockholm

The free tour Stockholm city starts at Gamla Stan and this is a free walking tour that goes beyond introducing the sites to the tourist persons and the tour Stockholm guides will guide you through the city’s most adventurous buildings, monuments, famous tourist spots and many more places. The tour offered in the special manner of approximately 1.5-2 hours route and it will typically include many of the beautiful sites in and around Stockholm city. When you are using the free tour Stockholm guide service then you will be getting a VIP card on this tour by which you can get top priority service in all tourist spots of the Stockholm city. In the Stockholm city you can exchange your currency at all the exchange offices where you will be required to pay a special fees of minimum 6-7 USD. The free tour Stockholm servicing agent will provide the special VIP card to the visitors who wish to own and the important thing is that this card will be given to the visitor only after the tour.

Main sights in the free Stockholm tour

In general the tour starts from the old town place of the Stockholm city and then it goes deeper like introducing the sites to the visitors and this includes the amazing buildings, beaches, restaurant, palaces and many attractive places. The tour offers the time of about 1.5-2 hours to route the following places.

  • King’s garden
  • Queen Street
  • The parliament house
  • Royal Swedish opera
  • New bridge square
  • The royal Swedish Academy of music
  • Beach/shore road
  • Berzelii Park
  • The china Theatre

The best way to see the Stockholm above places is to join in one of the free Stockholm tour service agents where you will be getting a best experience. The top rates free Stockholm walking tour offers three separate tours of the city where each one is different and have a changing itinerary, so you have to check out the free Stockholm walking tour websites for the latest times and dates. The centre of the city tour is found to be the main choice for the persons who are coming to Stockholm for the first time. The city contains a knowledgeable and friendly tours guide where they will be take you all the important places of Stockholm city area for about two hours and show you the monuments and top attraction of Stockholm.